Problems & Conditions

Problems & Conditions

It is not uncommon for teens to need their vision corrected with lenses because of a refractive error. At the same time, countless other teens may be suffering from undiagnosed or recently acquired eye problems and conditions, many of which also affect adults and children.

Teens need to be encouraged to tell parents about their vision problems and eye conditions, and they need to be informed about their options. 

Uncorrected vision problems can impact teens’ academic performance, athletic performance and even their safety, particularly when driving. In addition, some eye conditions are more easily treated and corrected in their initial stages, and when the patient is younger, instead of waiting until the condition becomes unmanageable.

Teens are not alone, as more than 180 million Americans have some form of vision impairment – whether it is near- or far-sightedness, or both.

Protecting teens’ eye health begins with having a comprehensive eye exam, by recognizing the warning signs associated with eye conditions, and by acting on them with a visit to an eye care provider.