Sustainability Committee

Sustainability Committee

Thank you for visiting the Sustainability Committee webpage where the optical industry shares its ideas for environmental improvements, efficiencies, and cost savings. The mission of the Sustainability Committee is to help members reduce waste and improve energy efficiency while maintaining or improving service to the end customer. The solutions strive to be sustainable, reliable, and cash flow positive or neutral.

Listed below are examples of various sustainability initiatives that exist in the optical industry. The below files can all be found by logging in and viewing the Sustainability Guidelines and Resources page.

  • Essilor Lab Water Conservation
  • NVI Lens Box Recycling
  • Schneider Optical Machines Bus Service
  • ShopKo Flow Controlled Compressor Efficiency
  • Wal-Mart Parts Recycling 
  • Wal-Mart Motion Sensors
  • Wal-Mart Water Recycling for Discharged No Glare Water
  • Zeiss Technology Centre - Swarf Recycling Process

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New Submissions

If you'd like to share your organization's sustainability initiative, please fill out this brief form for consideration. All submissions will be reviewed by members of the Sustainability Committee. If your submission is selected for sharing, you'll be asked to provide a more detailed description of your effort for posting.

If you are interested in knowing more or being involved with this committee, please contact Michael Vitale at