Working with domestic U.S. and international agencies, The Vision Council members and their volunteer experts have produced or contributed to multiple standards and communications to assist the industry in serving the eyeglass wearing public. Traveling the nation and the globe, member company interests are managed at many different levels and with various technical groups.

Frame Manufacturing Standards and Regulations 

Standards for Sunglasses and Readers

Standards for Lenses

Developing standards for lenses is a key component to The Vision Council's technical initiatives. Contributing groups include the Lens Technical Committee, the Data Communication Standard Committee, the Country of Origin for Lenses Committee, and the Lens Description Standard Committee. 

Standards for Communication

Necessary for getting the job done, multiple communication tools and other general standards have been produced to benefit industry and the eyeglass wearing public.

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In 2008, the Vision Council of America (VCA) became The Vision Council. Materials and resources predating May, 2008, may refer to VCA, OMA, or other organizations that have become associated with The Vision Council.