Sales Training

Sales Training

The Vision Council provides members with top-quality sales training, specializing in delivering energetic, high-quality training in live, remote, or blended learning formats. The Vision Council offers free programs, custom designed programs, and training that will provide companies with ABO certified credits.

Custom Designed Programs

The Vision Council offers training programs for national and regional sales and management meetings. Our training developers work with member organizations and their management team to identify and assess specific needs and opportunities. Upon completion of this discovery process, our coaches recommend and design the appropriate training to meet organizational goals.

On the Road Sales Coach

The Vision Council offers free, exclusive sales training sessions for its members. The quarterly sessions, called "On the Road Sales Coach," are conducted as facilitated conference calls and cover topics of interest to sales professionals in a variety of fields. The sales training sessions are led by industry experts and serve as an open forum for sales professionals to brainstorm and share best practices.

The half hour sessions are conducted in the morning by conference call at two different times to allow sales professionals on both the east and west coasts to participate before they begin their day of sales calls. Attendees can download the audio recording of the call and the transcript, along with any additional supporting information from the archives page of the website.

Find out about Michael Karlsrud, primary host for On the Road Sales Coach.

Upcoming Sessions:

Wednesday, August 17th
8am ET
Facilitator: Mike Karlsrud, CEO The Karlsrud Company
Guest Coach: Tim Roberts, Founder & Principle of TRUSTPOINTE
The Gains You Seek are the Gains You'll Make

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The challenge in today's selling environment has as much to do with the perception the salesperson creates as it does technique. Salespeople who have earned the right to be called Trusted Advisors have clear guiding principles that create a powerful presence and perception.

In our upcoming On-The-Road Sales Coach series, guest Tim Roberts will share three of these principles that he considers key performance indicators and are the hallmark of best-in-class sales producers.

Tim will talk specifically about:

  • The Deserved Seat at the Table
  • Coaching the Prospect About THEIR Value Proposition
  • Constant, Gained Agreements

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