OSHA 300 Log and 300-A Annual Summary

The Vision Council Lab Division is updating the Chemical Management and OSHA compliance resources to reflect numerous regulatory changes over the past several years. We will be sending a series of memos over the next few months, with training, templates, references, and OSHA required written programs. This first memo addresses proper OSHA 300 log and 300-A summary.

OSHA 300 Log and 300-A Annual Summary

It is not a question of whether, but when, you can expect a surprise OSHA inspection at your operation. Those who have already had this experience know the value of always being prepared. Having the necessary documentation readily available and properly filled out will go a long way toward establishing a positive impression with the inspector.

The first thing an OSHA inspector will ask for is your OSHA 300 logs and 300-A annual summary forms for the current year and previous 5 years. These are the forms that document work-related injuries and illnesses at your site. Since most employers in the optical industry seldom have any injuries or illnesses to record, they may not know how and when to fill out the information on the 300 log and 300-A annual summary. You can use this link to download the OSHA 300 Log and review the following information for helpful guidance.

Key Points Regarding the OSHA 300 Log

  1. Determine if the injury or illness is work related.
  2. Enter the information on the OSHA 300 log within 7 calendar days.
  3. For injury or illness requiring days away from work or restricted, enter the total number of calendar days, not to exceed 180 days combined.
  4. An injury or illness that results in a death must be reported to the local OSHA Regional office within 8 hours.
  5. An injury or illness resulting in an amputation, loss of an eye, or hospitalization of one or more employees must be reported to the local OSHA Regional office within 24 hours of you becoming aware of the injury or illness.

OSHA 300-A Annual Summary

  1. Even if there were no work-related injuries or illnesses at your location you must fill out, sign and date the OSHA 300-A summary by February 1 for the previous year.
  2. The 300-A summary must remain posted in an area visible to all employees until after April 30.
  3. Do not post the 300 log with employee names.
  4. Beginning with reporting year 2016 and annually thereafter, most employers must report information on their 300-A summary directly to OSHA data collection site. For details see https://www.osha.gov/injuryreporting/.

Note - California labs should read this appendix, and use these forms in place of the OSHA 300, 300-A and 301 forms.