Lens Trends and Technology

Lens Trends and Technology

The Vision Council’s campaign to educate consumers about the variety of lens options and available treatments has grown to include the effects of digital screens and devices on eye health. Public relations, special events and consumer media reports are used to generate awareness and drive purchase intent.

Blue Light and Digital Eye Strain

The Vision Council works to educate consumers about the effects of blue light—including digital eye strain—and the eyewear and lens treatment options available to protect the eyes from blue light, glare and other related stressors.

Digital eye strain, a term coined by The Vision Council after extensive research, refers to the eye fatigue that has become increasingly prevalent with the wide spread use of digital devices. In keeping up with the concern for this stress and fatigue as well as other symptoms experienced by the general consumer - usually after two or more hours of digital device use – The Vision Council works to educate consumers and members of the press about the impact of digital device use on vision health and the benefits of the latest lens technologies.

Blue Light2017 Blue Light and Digital Eye Strain Survey

As part of its ongoing efforts to educate the public about the effects of digital devices on the eyes, The Vision Council's VisionWatch market research team surveyed 9,840 American adults nationwide. Findings show that 68.5 percent of Americans report that they have not discussed their digital device usage with their eyecare provider, and 73.5 percent report that they did not know eyewear can be used to protect the eyes from the short- and long-term effects of blue light exposure and digital eye strain.

The survey results—which can be viewed here—are used to create news inquiries and story angles related to blue light, digital eye strain and computer eyewear for the consumer press. Previously only used by gamers and programmers, computer glasses are now an accessory applicable to the masses, and this report encourages mainstream consumers to wear these glasses and lenses to protect against blue light and reduce the symptoms of digital eye strain.

The Vision Council encourages eyecare providers to engage their patients in discussions about healthy vision maintenance, including the impact of their electronic device use and the blue light and digital eye strain symptoms to monitor for, as well as eyewear options that can reduce symptoms in the future. To learn more about blue light and digital eye strain, visit http://www.thevisioncouncil.org/DES.

Highlights from the Survey