Lens Division

Lens Division

The Lens Division of The Vision Council, comprised of eyeglass lens manufacturers, is responsible for creating lens standards and regulations, reviewing lens-specific manufacturing issues, and educating eye care providers about the latest trends in lens technology. The Lens Division supports national and international standards activities including ANSI, ISO and ASTM.

A dedicated Technical Director and Lens Division Liaison, Michael Vitale, answers questions, responds to concerns, and provides direction to receive professional answers to industry issues.

For division resources, including meeting agendas, reports, and other information, visit the secure content page for Lens Division Members.

Lens Technical Committees

The Lens Division forms standing committees and ad hoc task forces of volunteer experts to address technical issues in response to member needs. The groups routinely meet, often in conjunction with the International Vision Expo trade shows, to solve shared technical problems that affect our industry. Learn more about the technical committees operating under the Lens Division.

AR Lens Clinical Study

The Vision Council Lens Division commissioned a clinical study analyzing antireflective (AR) and non-AR lens performance during contrast sensitivity testing and daily activities. The study looked objectively and subjectively at the reduction of glare, increased acuity, and increase in contrast sensitivity when wearing AR lenses vs. non-AR lenses. A whitepaper summarizing the findings of the study is available to members of The Vision Council, and can be downloaded here.

In support of the report’s release, Janice McMahon and Rebecca Zoltoski of the Illinois College of Optometry presented at The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, Inc. (ARVO) 2014 Annual Meeting earlier this year on subjective and objective performance of antireflective lenses during daily activities. The poster from this presentation can be seen here.

Lens Division Meetings

Discuss the latest news related to the Lens Division and receive tailored updates from industry leaders at the Division Meeting held in conjunction with International Vision Expos and The Vision Council’s annual Executive Summit. Click here for the latest agenda and other resources from the Lens Division Meeting.

Guidelines and Reports

View the latest Lens Division Guidelines and Reports, including the 2014 Mass Lens Manufacturers Focimetry Study summary and the summary of studies on Computer Vision Syndrome and Digital Eye Strain.

Download the most recent version of the Lens Impact Resistance Guideline by visiting the Standards page of the site.