FDA Import Alert

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) publishes periodic updates to Import Alert 86-07, identifying companies that are subject to "Detention without Physical Examination" relating to imports of impact-resistant lenses in eyeglasses and sunglasses. This is known as the "Red List."

This list has been updated as of February 6, 2020.

The FDA sampled several shipments from the following foreign manufacturers, subjecting them to the impact-resistance test (the drop ball test), and concluded that the tested lenses failed. In turn, because these shipments were accompanied by impact resistance certificates stating that the lenses passed the drop ball test, the FDA considers them misbranded and adulterated merchandise.

As a result, all shipments from the following companies will be detained automatically by the FDA, and those manufacturers will only be removed from the detention list if information is provided to the FDA to adequately demonstrate that the manufacturer has corrected the problem so that the FDA can be assured that future entries will comply with the drop ball test. The companies include:


  • Coomex Source Limited, Guagfa Mansion, 42# Shangdong Rd., Quingdao
  • Danyang San-Sino Optical Co., Ltd., Glasses Industrial Park, Danyang City, Jiangs
  • Sunfree Enterprise Co., Ltd., 2nd Industrial Estate Shi-Ling, Guangzhou
  • Tzong Rong Optical Co., Ltd. Industrial Development Area, 107 Country Road West, Shihling Town, Hua-Du City, Guangdong
  • Wenzhou Ouhua Foreign Trade Corp., 2/F Block A Shuang Lian Bldg., Xiao Nan Road, Wenzhou
  • Glory International Trading Inc., No. 81 Daging Road, Advanced Technology, Tangsh
  • Taizhou Weifeng Glasses Co., LTD., Dubei Road, Duqiao Town, Linahi
  • Guangzhou Universal Optical Products Co., Ltd., No. 2 Industry Area, Lion Hill Town , Huandu Area, Guangzhou
  • Linhai City Qianbaidu Glasses Factory, Xiabanian Village Duqiao Town, Linhai
  • Yh Optics Int Ltd, Prowin Commercial Centre, Xiegang Town
  • Linhai Industrial Glasses Factory, Duchuan 387 The Road, Linhai City
  • Linhai Botao Glasses Co., Ltd, Luija Village Duqiao Town, Linhai
  • Taxhou Meidiya Glasses Co., Ltd., No. 191 Haiwanlangqin Building, Taizhou,
  • See-Good Enterprise Co., Ltd., East 2, Yixingcun, Qixi Road, Huang Qi, Nanhai, Foshan City, Guangdong
  • Linhai Xuanhong Glasses Factory, Yangping Village, Duqiao Town, Linhai, Zhejiang
  • Linghai City Zhenxian Glasses Factory, 1111 Dafen Industrial Zone, Taizhou
  • San Ho Hasts, Mulun Changping, Dongguan
  • Wenzhou N&A Foreign Trade Corp., 16/F, International Trade Center Bldg., 8 Liming Rd., West, Wenzhou Zhejiang
  • Jiangxi Look Optical Industrial Co., LTD., Zone Lutianjizhen, Po Yang County, Shangraoshi, Jiangxisheng
  • Taizhou Hongfa Glasses Co., Ltd., Duqiao Taizhou, Taizhou, Zhejiang
  • Dongguan Meiaoqi, 76 Baijia Road Quingxi, Dongguan City
  • *New* Taizhou Pinxin Glasses Co., Ltd., Funan, XI Zhicun, Linhai, Taizhou, Zhejiang


  • Hang Chow Industrial Co., Ltd., 9f 253 Chungsiao E Rd. Sec 3, Taipei
  • Co-World Technology Co., Ltd., No. 30-2 Zhonglun, Anding District, Tainan City
  • Koadak Optical Ind Co., Ltd, Taipei World Trade Center 4b-12, No. 5 Sec 5 Hsin Yi Rd., Taiwan
  • Dots Eyewear Inc., No. 120 Zhongzheng 2nd St., Yongkang Tainan

Even though this Import Alert identifies a specific group of companies, all importers of lenses, reading glasses and sunglasses must be mindful of the fact that any FDA district can sample shipments and then detain products if the lenses are not in accordance with 21 CFR 801.410.  As the FDA states in the alert, “[s]urveillance of all impact-resistant lenses in eyeglasses and sunglasses from all countries is warranted.”

Importers of lenses, sunglasses and reading glasses should remind their manufacturers of the obligation for testing for impact resistance. The Import Alert reminds that all shipments of lenses, readers and sunglasses must be accompanied by a batch certificate showing compliance with the impact resistance test (found at 21 CFR 801.410(g)), and that the certificates must establish that the lenses meet the AQL of 6.5 when tested via the drop ball test.  Shipments of products that fail to meet that level, or which do not include a certificate, are subject to refusal of admission into the commerce of the United States.

For more information, please contact Rick Van Arnam, The Vision Council regulatory counsel, at rvanarnam@barnesrichardson.com.