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About The Executive Summit

The Vision Council’s annual Executive Summit brings together industry leaders for several days of executive-level networking and leadership development. Designed to illuminate the dynamic changes ahead for the vision community from a balanced global perspective and provide concrete approaches to confronting these challenges, the Executive Summit includes a robust schedule of interactive panels and presentations by industry experts, as well as dedicated networking sessions. The event also serves as the backdrop for The Vision Council’s annual Business Meeting, during which the organization recognizes the contributions of Board and Committee volunteers, welcomes the newly elected members of the Board of Directors, and receives an update on top initiatives from the Chairman of the Board.

2020 Executive Summit

Jan. 29-31, 2020

The Vision Council celebrated an important year in the vision community – 2020 – with its annual Executive Summit held Jan. 29–31 at the Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa in Manalapan, Florida. Located at a new select site for the Summit, this exclusive event offered opportunities for executive-level networking, leadership development, and interactive presentations on economic trends and business strategies, with programming dedicated to refining leadership skills and building the right teams for the dynamic changes in our industry.

The Vision Council supplied attendees with an extensive look into big picture concepts of the ever-changing business landscape, with in-depth and tangible approaches to tackling these challenges from balanced global perspectives. In addition, valuable insight into The Vision Council's five-year strategic plan was provided, with a strong takeaway and directive for the year ahead. Furthermore, there was ample opportunity for cultivating relationships with crucial industry peers via dedicated networking time, guided discussions and optional activities on location.

This year's speakers included: a joint keynote from former U.S. Trade Representative Ambassadors Ron Kirk and Susan Schwab, providing expert insights into global trade, economics and policy; a panel touching on how apparel manufacturers are undertaking recent changes featuring Richie Woodworth, president of the Wolverine Boston Group – comprised of Keds, Saucony and Sperry brands – Marc Lefebvre, CEO of frame designer and manufacturer Killine Group, and Ryan Babenzien, founder of the direct-to-consumer sneaker brand, GREATS; and Frances Frei, professor of technology and operations management at Harvard Business School and author, sharing her expertise on leadership and strategy. Closing out the summit, Brian Beaulieu, economist and CEO of ITR Economics, shared a fiscal perspective for the future regarding how attendees can prepare their business and personal finances.

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executive summit     executive summit

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