Consumer Outreach

As a voice for the supply side of the optical industry, The Vision Council serves as a liaison with consumers and provides education about the importance of vision care and the options in vision care products. Through media relations, marketing materials, online outreach, special events and partnerships, we make sure that all consumers hear about the importance of taking care of their vision.

Media Relations

Throughout the year, The Vision Council proactively pitches the media on vision care-related topics, such as computer eye strain, protective eyewear, ultra-violet protection, children's vision care and more. Targeted media outreach allows us to create a message that will resonate with consumers, encouraging them to schedule an appointment with an eye doctor and educating them about the options in eyewear.

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Online Outreach

The Vision Council provides consumers with vision care and vision care product information on and, and through targeted advertising campaigns, an active social media presence (such as the Eyecessorize blog, Facebook and Twitter), and search engine optimization, we are able to increase traffic to our websites. In addition, The Vision Council also works to supply eye care content to websites lacking this information.

Partnerships and Special Events

The Vision Council works diligently to choose the correct partners and organizations to work with in order to educate consumers about vision care. Through these partnerships, we are able to reach consumers with not just one message, but a combined message of total eye health and awareness in all areas including UV, Readers, Low Vision, Lens Trends and Technology and Fashion. Current initiatives include such organizations as LIFETIME Fitness gyms and AARP, as well as building upon our media success and increased consumer awareness that we continue to experience with our participation in the annual Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES).