COLA Spring Meeting

COLA Spring Meeting

2017 COLA Spring Meeting: Industry 4.0

The 2017 COLA Spring Meeting, held April 27-28, 2017 at the Temecula Creek Inn, Temecula, CA, will focus on the state of optical labs as we embrace Industry 4.0—the fourth Industrial Revolution—where machines are infused with intelligence; more specifically, artificial intelligence for the manufacturing optical lab.

A concept that has been taking shape within the European manufacturing market, many lab equipment manufacturers have begun to transfer these methodologies and technologies to our industry stateside. Equipment is becoming smarter, and more independent – able to not only make decisions on its own, but fully implement them. Systems are becoming integrated with, and managed by, intelligent machinery; routing and monitoring each system independently. As with all technological advances, labs are moving towards operations utilizing less labor, increased efficiency, greater precision, and higher accuracy rates. The integration of intelligent machines into the laboratory environment is one more step towards that goal, and The Vision Council's 2017 COLA Spring Meeting will help guide you through the process.

Sessions will include:

  • Industry 4.0: A Panel Discussion
  • Technical and Legal Update for Optical Labs
  • California's Minimum Wage Increase: The Ripple Effects
  • The Vision Council's New Lab Shipping Program

Questions? Contact Steve Sutherlin, The Vision Council's lab division liaison.