About the Host

About the Host

KarlsrudMichael Karlsrud, M.Ed - Primary Host, On the Road Sales Coach

Learning the Value of Process

Michael began his career in business working the agriculture industry, and when given the chance to change directions, Michael took a job in sales and marketing support in the pharmaceutical industry. In the roles that followed, he learned the value of branding, marketing, systems and process in all we do, and that they are the cornerstones of how brands are built and basis of which experiences are created. Through this path, he developed his skills as a trainer and speaker as well as shaping his own ideals of sales, sales management, territory management and leadership. Consistently Michael grew his sales territory, managing several million dollars' worth of business.

Identifying Sales Opportunities

Leaving the sales bag in the car, Michael entered the role supporting a 140 person sales team with Apogee Enterprises. His responsibilities included compensation, succession planning, training, coaching and work force evaluations. A key player with Regional Managers and reporting to the Vice-President of Sales, Michael was instrumental in identifying the needs of the sales organization and was empowered to find or create solutions. During this experience, Karlsrud wrote his sales training program called Selling by Design.

New Business, New Approach

Broadening his base of experience, Michael entered into the home improvement field and helped launch Renewal by Andersen. RbA, a new concept and bold undertaking by the window giant Andersen Windows. Its cutting edge approach to materials, design, application and go-to-market strategy was the first of its kind in the industry. Having the opportunity to watch, learn and participate in the successful launch of this brand nationally, was a pivotal period of time for Michael.

A New Beginning

In the years that followed, Michael served in many progressive capacities such as Sales Manager, Director of Customer Services, Vice-President of Sales and now President/CEO of his two startup companies, 6Calls and The Karlsrud Company. 6Calls, based on concept that it takes six calls to make a sale, is the cornerstone of many topics Michael speaks and writes about. This journey, from corporate America to creating two startups is wrought with hard hitting lessons about business, managing, leadership, selling, marketing and being true to oneself.
Mike can be reached via email at mike@karlsrudcompany.com or at www.karlsrudcompany.com.