Member Resources

Member Resources

Being a member of The Vision Council provides you with access to various products and services to help you make well-informed business decisions. Whether your area of expertise is industry research, government affairs, networking, sales and marketing, tradeshows or technical standards, we have the information and best practice advice from industry leaders to help you become the go-to expert at your company.

Optical Market Research Data and Trends

Industry research and data analysis are critical to running a successful business. From consumer opinions to international trade figures, The Vision Council's research programs offer a unique view on the optical industry. We offer many detailed research reports for free to our members, and provide additional, drilled-down information to members and non-members alike for a fraction of the cost of other research providers.

Sales Training

The Vision Council provides members with top-quality sales training, specializing in delivering energetic, high-quality training in live, remote or blended learning formats. The Vision Council offers free programs, custom designed programs, and training that will provide companies with ABO certified credits.

Government and Regulatory Affairs

Stay on top of legislation and regulations that impact your business. The Vision Council takes an active role in advocating for stronger public policy to protect Americans' vision and improve access to vision care products.


The Vision Council members and their volunteer experts have produced or contributed to multiple standards and communications to assist the industry in serving the eyeglass wearing public.

Consulting and Available Services

Members of The Vision Council have access to a range of business discounts and rebate programs, as well as exclusive access to industry consulting services – just for being a member.

Research Highlights Slideshow

How well do you have your finger on the pulse of the industry? Find out with these quick stats below and learn more with our comprehensive body of research!