EyeBlog: Industry in Motion

EyeBlog: Industry in Motion

Welcome to The Vision Council’s EyeBlog, an online community keeping a finger on the pulse of the ever-changing eyewear industry. Covering the latest eyewear technology trends and developments, while looking into the past and envisioning the future of the industry, the EyeBlog seeks to shed light on the most thought-provoking topics in the vast realm of all things vision. Take a look at the latest posts below.

The future of wearable technology is looking good thanks to new fashionable frames equipped with PogoCam technology. Optical manufacturers including ClearVision Optical, FGX International, Argus Vision and Vista Eyewear have outfitted new stylish optical and sunglass frames with the PogoTrack wearable technology platform, which allows for the... Read More »

Neurofeedback training (NFT) has its foundations in basic and applied neuroscience as well as data-based clinical practice. It takes into account behavioral, cognitive and subjective aspects, as well as brain activity. Neurofeedback training uses monitoring devices to provide moment-to-moment information to an individual on the state of their... Read More »

Headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes and neck pain are all side effects of excessive use of digital devices that usually go ignored or unexplained, but only because the cause is unknown to most people: digital eye strain. With computers ruling the workplace and smartphones being used for practically everything from checking the weather, to shopping... Read More »

It's not unusual for the average American to go to the movies about once per month. In 2014, movie theatres sold over $36 billion in movie tickets. For the deaf and hard-of-hearing, going to the movies has been a difficult experience. Scary villains speak in creepy whispers that are difficult to hear, plot details are sometimes left to voiceovers... Read More »

Eyewear is officially making its debut in space. Two of Switch Vision’s frame styles – the Zealot and the Bespoke – have passed the rigorous testing required by NASA and will launch into space as the exclusive eyewear solutions for astronauts this year. The design of these particular frames, which are crafted by eyewear manufacturer Liberty Sport... Read More »