Buying Glasses

Buying Glasses

If the teen requires prescription glasses, they can be purchased either through an eye care provider or online, both of which require a valid prescription, and oftentimes one that is less than 12 months old. Glasses that require a prescription cannot be purchased over the counter, such as at a drugstore.

Many eye care providers have an optical department offering a wide variety of frames and styles to suit every taste and need, as well as popular lens options and treatments that you may need. Purchasing prescription glasses from your eye care provider can be a quick, convenient option as glasses can be finished in just a few days, or less.

The benefits of buying glasses from your eye care provider or from a bricks and mortar store instead of buying online include:

  • Being able to try on the glasses to ensure proper fit and that they are comfortable.
  • The eye care provider can make any needed adjustments to the glasses to ensure everything fits well.
  • You can try on multiple pairs of glasses and see for yourself in the mirror how they look.
  • Receive proper customer service and get answers to your questions.
  • A free case is often provided with the glasses
  • The eye care provider can play the role of “the bad guy” and tell the teen to wear the glasses and take good care of them.

If the teen’s glasses will be purchased online, approach the experience with a healthy amount of patience. A copy of a recent prescription from an eye care provider is needed and that prescription should include the pupillary distance (PD). This is the distance between pupils and is important as it ensures that the corrective lenses are placed and centered directly in front of the pupils.

It is also helpful to know exactly which lens types, treatments, tints and other options are important to the wearer because there is no one available to ask for advice, unlike at a bricks and mortar glasses retailer. Here are some tips that are helpful when it comes to choosing teens’ glasses.