Consulting and Available Services

Consulting and Available Services

Members of The Vision Council have access to a range of business discounts and rebate programs, as well as exclusive access to industry consulting services – just for being a member. Whether your area of expertise is industry research, government affairs, networking, sales and marketing, tradeshows or technical standards, we have the information and best practice advice from industry leaders to help you become the go-to expert at your company.

As a member, The Vision Council offers you a mixture of products and services to streamline your operations, cut your expenses and increase your market share.

Managed Vision Care Consulting

Visibility Management is a coalition of veteran executives with a track record of excellence and leadership in various areas of expertise. All members of The Vision Council are able to employ their insight and expertise as a resource for any Managed Vision Care related issues. Members can utilize this resource by calling 727-538-7750 or emailing, and a Visibility Management Partner will assist in the inquiry.

Visibility Management conducts periodic webinars to provider members of The Vision with timely, relevant information. Past webinars can be found here.

Learn More About Visibility Management.

Optical Product Codes and the OPC Manager

The Vision Council produces an Online Optical Product Code Manager (OPC Manager) which sells and distributes optical product codes to allow for simpler and more accurate product identification. The tool streamlines the process and allows manufacturers to request and obtain Optical Product Codes online, as well as process payment directly through the site.

Optical Product Codes are unique, optical-specific codes and machine-readable symbols that are assigned to every product. They identify both product and manufacturer, and can be used to produce bar codes for use with scanner-equipped data entry devices. To purchase optical product codes, please visit the Online Optical Product Code Manager or contact Lisa Wright at if you have questions.

FDA Agent Program

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that all medical devices, including eyeglass frames, lenses and sunglasses, imported into the United States have a designated U.S. Agent listed with the FDA. As a service to our members, The Vision Council acts as a U.S. Agent for more than 125 companies. We make sure you are up to date with current regulations and will immediately inform you of changes that could impact your company. Because we specialize in the optical industry, we charge a fraction of what many companies charge for this program. Contact Swea Nightingale at or at (863) 612-0085 for more information.

Credit Reporting

The Vision Council's Credit Reporting Committee is made up of Credit Managers from member companies. Participating members receive a complimentary Credit Reporting System (CRS) which provides members with an industry vs. vendor report. This compares the member's accounts receivable by the industry total. The Core List reports customers that have raised concerns over payment.

Credit Committee members meet quarterly to discuss the Core List, partake in professional trainings, and discuss any new business within the credit and accounting world. Committee members can send in a request for references on a new client and receive quick results. The Committee abides by anti-trust guidelines and is held to strict confidence.

VMail Extra Subscription

Members of The Vision Council receive a complimentary subscription to VMail Extra, an electronic newsletter that delivers optical industry news three times a week, year-round, to your inbox. VMail Extra also issues “Breaking News” emails with up-to-the-minute must-read industry news.

For current subscribers, your VMail Extra subscription is automatically renewed by The Vision Council. The content and delivery of VMail Extra will remain the same; however, The Vision Council member edition of VMail Extra will occasionally feature news from the organization. To learn more about The Vision Council’s Credit Reporting System, contact Amber Robinson, The Vision Council’s Senior Manager of Member and Technical Programs, at or (703)740-1094.